Wealth and Wellness Coaching

Tap Your Way to Peak Performance and Success at
Well Ray Del Ray Sat 22 June 2019!

Learn EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) at my booth and during an 11am session at the Comtemplation Corner.

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LOST IN TRANSITION?  Put the ME in your military life transitions and POWER Up to a Whole New Level of Living, Loving and Earning!

I show career-minded military spouses who face uncertainty, dissatisfaction or frustration, how to clarify purpose, attract perfect opportunities and feel fully supported so they can relaunch a career or business earning money they deserve, doing work they’re proud of.

Survey after annual survey documents the pervasive stress experienced by service members, veterans and their spouses as a result of the uncertainty built in to military life and service. For military spouses, this impacts on, among many significant areas, their ability to advance professionally or develop new, meaningful careers and businesses with financial reward. Job searches become a full-time job. And though highly qualified, they can’t plug in at the right level. Many are running on low reserves of energy, going it alone and feeling unsupported. Last on the long list of priorities, after the military mission and family, these resilient women  soldier on, compromising a sense of self, striving for more and feeling somehow not  enough.

I stumbled into the field of Energy Medicine while relaunching after a decade as a stay at home mom and following spouse.  I studied with the best teachers and mentors in advanced programs, which led me into a new dimension of personal development which translated into externally directed powerful action.  I started to harness endless energy, over-hauled my personal relationships, and started a new and successful career and business.

The advanced energy medicine tools and techniques I practice make a profound impact, yet are simple to learn and apply.  This is how I came to develop my Military Life Transitions Coaching practice. I have integrated my years of study and practice into my work so clients don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I get clients from Lost in Transition to finding their “ME” in military transition and powering up to new levels of living, loving and earning.

Make it your best summer ever!  Attend the  Well Ray Summer of Wealth and Wellness Series  – Register Here

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